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About Autovue

Autovue combines the independence, convenience, and cost effectiveness of digital advertising with the familiarity, reach, and geographic accuracy of out of home advertising.

An ultra-simple user experience allows small and large organizations alike to spread their brand to consumers, without breaking the bank.

Our mission is to create a simple and un-intimidating way for brands to connect with their audiences. With autovue, you can get your message out to consumers in coveted locations, without jumping through hoops, at a competitive price!

Mike Jones


Mike is a cofounder and the CEO of autovue. Following a brief stint advising startups as an attorney, he decided he'd rather be growing and nurturing a business himself. Those close to Mike observe he is uniquely skilled at connecting with people, and are never surprised to be introduced to a new face.

Ryan O'Sullivan


Ryan is a cofounder and the COO of autovue. Starting his career at a private equity firm in Zurich, Switzerland, Ryan saw first hand what hard work can cultivate for both a company and an investor. Ryan decided to take his own journey from the start-up side rather than the investor's side.

Matt Kuritz


Matt is the technical cofounder and CTO of autovue. He is passionate about building better software by embracing learnings from DevOps, Resilience Engineering, and other practitioner led disciplines. Matt helps organize the DevOpsDays NYC Conference to help facilitate these learnings among the tech community in NYC.