Rideshare Drivers

Earn Extra Money While Driving for Rideshare Services like Uber and Lyft

We make earning extra cash a breeze. Autovue will send you everything you need to get started so you don't have to spend your own hard earned money on purchasing equipment.

Increase My Driving Income

* We contract directly with you, the driver. We are not affiliated with Uber or Lyft.


Use the buttons on this page to apply using our form. We will follow up with you shortly after reviewing your info with more details on next steps.

Receive Equipment

We'll send you everything you need to run ads in your car. The tablet, mount, sim card, accessories, we really mean everything. There is no fixed or recurring costs for the driver, autovue has it covered.

Mount and Run Ads

Mount the tablet to the back of your headrest, start our app when you start driving, and stop the app when you stop driving. It's really as simple as that.

Just Drive Like Always

Our ads app is intentionally designed for passive viewing, we don't use tactics to try to grab your passengers' attention when they don't want to give it. So basically, no hassle for you or your riders.

Get Paid

Once you pass the threshold for hours driven while running our ads, you get a guarenteed payment amount at the end of the month. Simple, predictable, no BS.