5 Tips for Supercharging your OOH Advertising

Use language that’s easy to understand

Our jargon might be familiar to us, but it isn’t necessarily familiar to everyone else. It’s important to speak in language our target audience will understand. Don’t assume everyone knows what we know. Acronyms are not our friend here, if we have only 3 seconds to capture the attention of the person viewing the ad, we don’t want them to spend it trying to figure out what an acronym stands for.

Display the brand prominently and have a clear call to action

laptop ad call to action

Have you ever seen a commercial and said to yourself, “that was cool but I have absolutely no idea what it was for”. It’s easy to get caught up creating awesome, eye-catching visuals, but it doesn’t help much if the customer does not associate our brand or product with those visuals. This isn’t abstract art, it’s advertising, we have a goal, we must make sure everything we do moves us closer to achieving that goal. The vast majority of the time, that involves making sure the audience recalls the potential value we are putting forth. So we should make sure our ad makes clear who the company is and what the value we can provide is.

Use promo codes - but do so wisely

Promo codes are great! But if we’re going to use them make sure they are easy to remember. Our primary goal in including the promo code is for the customer to actually use it. This absolutely requires them to remember it. A simple point, but very important. Also, make an offer that is compelling. By including a promo code, we are trying to overcome the inertia we all feel when being encouraged to try something unfamiliar to us. We can ask ourselves, objectively, if the value conveyed by the promotion would be enough to actively go out of the way to seek out a new product, as a simple test.

Use a readable font, sized correctly

Picking a font might seem mundane, but if we want the words on our ad to hit home, its an integral decision. In picking a font, we should aim for readability, which is the ease with which a reader can understand words of a written text. This goes beyond simple legibility, which is the ability to distinguish individual characters from one another. Turns out, recognizing individual letters isn’t too important if it comes at the expense of readability. We also need to make sure our readable font is sized large enough, otherwise any amount of readability in a font won’t matter so much. A consequence of this is keeping the message concise. There is only an instant to make an impact anyway, so its important that the idea we put forward can be digested in the small window.

Integrate OOH ads with an app

ad on cell phone

Effective OOH ads have been shown to increase mobile engagements between consumers and brands. One way to easily integrate with mobile apps is by using QR codes. We can add a QR code to our ad with a deep link that will open the application directly to the screen we want the user to land on. If they do not have the app installed, then they will be taken to the app store to install it instead, leading to a potential app install. Of course, we can also use other engagement tools here to incentivize users to use the QR code or take some action after doing so. QR codes are flexible, so they can also be used to open a regular web link to a website instead of a deep link to an app if that is preferred.