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Rideshare advertising campaigns from autovue are fully self service.

Get Started

create ad campaign screen in autovue app

Create Campaigns

Create as many campaigns as you need, when you need them. Set the time period, daily budget, and cities to target. We don't slow things down with contracts, approvals, or the like.

ad campaign summary screen in autovue app

Update as Needed

Once your ad campaigns are in progress, you are free to update or cancel them early, any time. Check in at the campaign summary screen to make changes to any of your ad campaigns in progress.

map of advertisement impressions in autovue app

Get the Results

Use the map to see where your ads actually played. Our in vehicle advertising system delivers analytics data in real time, allowing you to get feedback as soon as possible.

In Vehicle Advertising System


Real People

All ads are displayed using autovue hardware and software. Since we run the system end to end, there is little chance for fraud seen on internet ad publishing platforms.


Creative Focussed

We ensure your creative shines by only using recent generation tablets with high resolution displays. Our tablet application supports both video and still advertisements.


Brand Safety

Every advertisement we display is checked for quality and to ensure it does not violate any of our policies beforehand. When your ad is displayed by our tablets, it's the only thing that is displayed.

example of autovue rideshare advertising system showing an advertisement on an ipad